ECCO Blaze Series

Get all the advantages of LED technology in the popular Blaze design at a very competitive price. Combining the solid state, maintenance free and long life nature of LED technology with a proven tough housing design, this Blaze minibar is designed to maximise resilience to excessive vibration and increase the life of the product.

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Code Description Mounting Height
ESG-70-00511-V ECCO Blaze Series 2 Bolt 145mm
ESG-70-00514-V ECCO Blaze Series 1 Bolt 145mm
ESG-70-00512-V ECCO Blaze Series Magnetic 145mm
ESG-65.00202 ECCO Blaze II Series 2 Bolt 113mm
ESG-65.00203 ECCO Blaze II Series 1 Bolt 113mm
ESG-65.00204 ECCO Blaze II Series Magnetic 113mm


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