ECCO 5565 Series

Reflex™ LED minibars provide a cmpact yet powerful warning solution that offers the flexibility of either permanent or magnetic mounting. Featuring 12-24 VDC operation, the Reflex™ uses high intensity LEDs and reflective technology to maximise light output

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Code Description Colour Mounting
5550CA-VA1 ECCO 5550 Series Clear 1 Bolt
5565CA-VA1 ECCO 5565 Series Clear 1 Bolt
5565CA-VA2 ECCO 5565 Series Clear 2 Bolt
5565A-VA1 ECCO 5565 Series Amber 1 Bolt
5565A-VA2 ECCO 5565 Series Amber 2 Bolt
5565A-VAMAG ECCO 5565 Series Amber Vacuum-Magnet
5565CA-VAMAG ECCO 5565 Series Clear Vacuum-Magnet

Reflective LED modules

Quad Flash 

Cigarette plug on/off and flash pattern selection switch (Vacuum - magnet only)

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