ECCO LED Silver Beacons

The Silver ECCOLED R65 Beacon utilises 9 powerful LEDs, arranged to produce a 360° flash pattern with a flash rate of 125FPM for maximum visibility by combining the solid-state, maintenance free long-life nature of LED technology.

This highperformance range has increased EMC, is robust and compact in a popular housing design and is available in four standard mounting options. The ECCOLED range of beacons are suitable for a variety of vehicles including applications where the UK lighting regulation Chapter 8 is a requirement*.

This range is designed to maximise resilience to excessive vibration, increase the life of the product and are backed by a three-year warranty.

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Polycarbonate lens and ABS Base

Long life LED technology

Operating Voltage Range 12-24

Current Consumption: 1.8 amps @ 12V

R65 Double flash (125FPM)

360° light outputt

EB5014A 12-24 1.8 3 Bolt
EB5015A 12-24 1.8 1 Bolt
EB5016A 12-24 1.8 Flexi Pole
EB5017A 12-24 1.8 Magnetic
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