VL-Series Square Housing

The VL-Series LED Light Duty offers outstanding light output in a functional design which can be easily adjusted with the single bolt bracket. High quality construction and components enable VL-Series LED Light Duty to withstand vibration up to 15.6 Grms. Built-in reverse polarity protection helps prevent accidental damage caused by incorrect installation. VL-Series LED Light Duty work lighting is a high value, versatile range designed for many light duty commercial applications.

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Code Description Number of LEDS W/Deutch Plug RAW Lumens WATTS AMP Draw@12V Dimensions Beam
VWS050940 - 9911373 VL-Series Square Housing 9 Yes 4,752 45W 3.75A 4.33"x5.16"x2.33" Med Flood 
VWS050940 - 9911366 VL-Series Square Housing 6 Yes 3.168 30W 2.5A 4.33"x5.16"x2.33" Med Flood
VLS050940 - 9911311 VL-Series Sqaure Housing 9 No 4,752 45W 3.75A 4.33"x5.16"x2.33" Med Flood 
VLS050640 - 911304 VL-Series Square Housing 6 No 3,168 30W 2.5A 4.33"x5.16"x2.33" Med Flood
VLS040540-9927091 VL-Series Aquare Housing 5 No 2,294 20W 1.67A 4.33"x5.16"x2.33" Med Flood 
VLS030440 - 9927060 VL-Series Sqaure Housing 4 No 1,544 12W 1.0A 2.76"x3.58"x1.57" Med Flood
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