LAP LED work lamps

The latest work lamps in our range are available in a variety of shapes (Round, Square, Oval and Low-profile

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Part No Measurements
LSPS4816 110 (L) X 110 (W) X 70 mm (D)
LAPQ186 110 (L) X 78 (W) X 55 mm (D)
LAPF248 160 (L) X 45 (W) X 70 mm (D)
LSPR248 142 (L) X 90 (W) X 62 mm (D)
LAPS124 66 (L) X 66 (W) X 66 mm (D)



Part No Total Power Voltage Effective Lumen Current Consumption 12/24 V IP Rating
LAPS4816 48W 10-30V 3000 2.7/1.4A  IP65
LAPQ186 18W 10-30V 900 1.4/0.7A IP65
LAPF248 24W 10-30V 1300 1.7/0.9A IP65
LAPR248 24W 10-30V 1400 1.7/0.9A IP65
LAPS124 12W 10-30V 800 1.0/0.5A IP65


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