LAP LED work lamps

Our complete range of LED work lamps are available in a variety of designs from traditional square and round to low profile and mini size. The diverse range means there is an ideal work lamp for every vehicle and application.

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EMC (ECE R10) approved

All LED work lamps manufactured with 3W LEDs and flood style reflectors

Aluminium housing and polycarbonate lenses

IP65 International ingress protection

Part No. Voltage No. LEDs Effective Lumen Lighting Style ECE R10 or R23 Mount
LAPF248 10-30V 8 X 3W 1300 Flood R10 1 Bolt
LAPQ4515 10-30V 15 X 3W 2600 Flood R10 1 Bolt
LAPR248 10-30V 8 X 3W 1400 Flood R10 1 Bolt
LAPR279 10-30V 9 X 3W 1400 Flood R10 1 Bolt
LAPR279MAG 10-30V 9 X 3W 1400 Flood R10 Magnetic
LAPR3913 10-30V 13 X 3W 2400 Flood R10 1 Bolt
LAPS099P 10-30V 9 X 1W 1000 Flood R10 R23 Single Point
LAPS124MAG 10-30V 4 X 3W 960 Flood R10 Magnetic
LAPS124P 10-30V 4 X 3W 960 Flood R10 Single Point
LAPS124 10-30V 4 X 3W 800 Flood R10 1 Bolt
LAPS139 10-30V 9 X 1.5W 1210 Flood R10 R23 1 Bolt
LAPS186P 10-30V 6 X 3W 1600 Flood R10 Single Point
LAPS4816 10-30V 16 X 3W 3000 Flood R10 1 Bolt
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