LED Autolamps FLRL/S Red Forklift Safety Lamps

FLRL01 - Red Perimeter Line Safety Lamp

The FLRL01 projects a red light shaped into a perimeter line used along the sides of the forklift continuously. This is designed to warn pedestrians to keep a safe distance from the vehicle at all times, especially when turning. The red internal ring makes this lamp look great too.

FLRSC01 - Red Semi-Circle Line Safety Lamp

The final lamp in the line up is the FLRSC01 which continuously projects a semi-circular perimeter line to the rear of the forklift. This is designed to ensure pedestrians avoid entering the vehicles reversing space as it may be a blind spot. 

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10-80V Extended Voltage Range

IP67 Ingress Protection

Fully ECE Approved

3 Year Warranty

Shock, Water and Dust Proof, Highly Durable

Highly Efficient LED Technology

Optimal Distance to Projection Surface: Approx 2.5m

FLRSC01 Current Draw (10V/80V): 0.48A/0.07A /  FLRL01 Current Draw (10V/80V): 0.9A/0.18A

Product No. LED Display Dimensions
FLRL01 Red Perimeter Line 82 x 76 x 73mm
FLRSC01 Red Semi-circular Perimeter Line 117 x 117 x 114mm
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