LED Autolamps FLB/R Blue Forklift Safety Lamps

FLBRS01 - Blue Spot Safety Lamp

The FLBA01 projects a circular blue light, most frequently from the rear of the forklift to warn pedestrians of the vehicle location or reverse movement. This lamp is not only powerful, it also looks the part sporting the internal blue ring design. 

FLBA01 - Blue Arrow Safety Lamp

Similarly to the FLBRS01, the FLBA01 shines a blue light to warn pedestrians of the forklifts whereabouts, though this time in the shape of an arrow. This helps to emphasise the direction of movement more so than the FLBRS01.

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10-80V Extended Voltage Range

IP67 Ingress Protection

Fully ECE Approved

3 Year Warranty

Shock, Water and Dust Proof, Highly Durable

Choice of Arrow or Circle Shape Projection

Optimal Distance to Projection Surface: Approx 2.5m

Current Draw (10V/80V): 0.55A/0.09A

Product No. LED Display
FLBA01 Blue Arrow 
FLBRS01 Blue Spot
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