ECCO EW3010 Remote Spotlight

ECCO’s EW3010 Series Remote Spotlights are multifunctional, motorised searchlights featuring a 12-24 VDC operation. Both spotlights can be installed wirelessly and are protected by a polycarbonate lens and the housings are available in black or white.

The EW3010/3011 offers full 360o continuous rotation, a 135-degree tilt range and features an optional hardwired in-dash joystick controller. The spotlight also has a home setting that automatically returns the light to its original position upon powering off the device. ASA resin housing makes the EW3010/3011 corrosion, UV and impact resistant and also feature patent pending reflective optics.

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Ten 5-watt LEDs

Permanent or magnet mount available

“Return to Home” setting will automatically return light to original position when powered off

Aluminium heatsink lighthead

Polycarbonate housing


Beam Distance

Candelas Raw Lumens Tilt Range Colour
EW3010 12-24 2.7 3,925ft 350,000 2250 135° Black
EW3011 12-24 2.7 3,925ft 350,000 2250 135° White
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