Ring RSU60 Wireless Connect switch panel

Wireless Control panel

8 switched outputs

12 Volt only

60Amp @ 12V Max

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Wireless Connect is the smart way to control power to ancillary electrical products. The one central Tech Hub connects to the vehicle's 12V battery, allowing 8 ancillary electrical products to be wired to one location. Then through unique signal pairing each device can be wireless accessed through the switch remote.

This can save up to 45mins per product installation, vastly reducing the amount of wiring. The system is easier to fit with the tech hub located to minimise wiring and fitting times.

With fewer connections and one central wiring point, fault finding is simpler and vehicles can be back in operation quickly. The switch remote can be located anywhere on the vehicle and can be operated remotely during on-site working.

  • Wireless control for lighting and other vehicle equipment.
  • Single point connection for efficient installation
  • 60Amp capacity, powerful enough to operate multiple ancillaries at the same time
  • Unique signal pairing allowing 2 switch panels to be connected (only 1 included)
  • 8 fused output channels for easy connection for ancillary electrical products
  • One central wiring point
  • Manual override in case of an emergency or remote failure
  • Battery protection maintains battery voltage
  • Switch remote
    • Single point switch panel where 8 switches are controlled via one user interface
    • Backlit illumination for working at low light
    • Active channel lights indicates switch status icon
    • Lithium battery for quick efficient recharging
    • Adaptable switch icons to suit individual requirements
    • Docking station for secure fitment when travelling or recharing

Kit contents:

  • Relay box
  • Remote Control handset with battery
  • Docking station for Remote
  • Mounting pedestal
  • Decal sheet

EMC R10 approved. Suitable for 12V only.

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