LAP Reversing Alarm - Wire Lead Connection

High performance safety reversing alarms that are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of on and off-road applications.

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CE and ‘E’ marked (EMC)

Available in 87, 92, 97, 102 and 107 dB sound levels

Fully weatherproof / pressure washable

Reverse polarity protected

Night Silent and Multi-frequency models

Available with wire lead or stud connections

Epoxy encapsulated housing

-30°C to 77°C extreme temperature reliability

  • Dimensions: 102mm (w) x 70mm (h) x 41mm (d)
  • Universal mounting
  • Wire lead connection
  • Weight: 302g to 320g
Part number Decibels Voltage Current Consumption Comments
RA087W 87dB 12-80V DC 0.1A  
RA097W 97dB 12-80V DC 0.2A  
RA097N 97dB 12-80V DC 0.2A Night silent wire
RA102W 102dB 12-80V DC 0.25A  
RA107W 107dB 12-80V DC 0.4A  
RA/MF87W 87dB 12/24 V 0.1A Multi-Frequency
RA/MF92W 92dB 12/24 V 0.2A Multi-Frequency
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