ECCO Magnetic Wireless CCTV: EC7010-WK

The Gemineye™ battery operated wireless camera utilises ECCO’s unique camera design. The EC7010-WK includes a feature packed CMOS colour infrared camera and a high resolution LCD touch screen colour monitor, with integrated recording capability via Mini SD card. The EC7010-WK allows multiple viewing options including; single, split and quad view screen, it also has a heavy duty magnet mount, making this system perfect for a variety of applications.

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Wireless magnetic mount camera system

Quick and simple installation

Simple attachment to the vehicle thanks to the strong magnetic base

Monitor can be paired with up to 4 cameras

Mini SD card-enabled monitor for effortless recording (up to 128GB)

Multiple viewing options: Single, Split & Quad view screen

Easy Auto connection

Fast charge system

Rotating camera head to adjust viewing angles


IP67 (camera), R10, CE RoHS

Avaliable as kit, camera or monitor as a stand alone product

EC7008-WM (The monitor)

Colour  Yes
Voltage 12-24
Power consumption (W) 6.0
Audio Yes
Day/Night light sensor Yes
Dimensions 213 x 152 x 71 mm
Weight 0.95kg
Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Quad View Yes
Screen Size 177mm
Mirror Image Yes
Remote Conrtrol Yes
Max Cameras 4
Recording Mini SD card (up to 128GB)

EC2030-WC (The camera)

Colour Yes
Charging time 6 hours
Discharging time 10 hours (continuously on)
Day/Night light sensor Yes
Audio Yes
Weight 0.62kg
Temperature range -30°C to 70°C
Viewing angle 120°
Line of sight range 120m
Infrared LEDs 4
Operation frequency 2400-2483.5 MHz
Standby mode 30 seconds of inactivity
Video codec AVI
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