Whelen Freedom amber LED lightbar

Whelen Freedom series lightbar, refurbished by us, featuring amber LEDs behind clear lenses.

Available in lengths: 39" and 44"

Offered in a standard set-up here, we can customise these to your specific requirements -  click here to contact us.

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Featuring all Linear-LED® technology in a warning package that rivals strobe in impact but provides heavy-duty, long life operation with low current draw. Start with four Linear-LED® modules and add up to eight more Linear-LED® modules or take-down's, alley's etc. in just the combination you want.

Available in 39" and 44" lengths with the following standard set-up

  • 4x 6/6 LED corner modules amber
  • 2x front 6/6 LED modules amber
  • 4x rear 6/6 LED modules amber
  • 2x front halogen spot "takedown" lights

Extra lights can be added or changed to make any variation - contact us for bespoke products.

We offer these refurbished lightbars with 12 month warranty.


Model: Edge Ultra Freedom FL series

Dimensions: 304mm (w) x 95mm (h) x 990cm (39") / 1130mm (44") / 1260mm (49") (l)

Voltage: currently only available in 12V

Low Current Switching

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