Britax 2 module lightbar lens

Replacement lens for Britax 2 module lightbars

Part number 10519

Available in amber or red

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Replacement lens for Britax minibars:

Rotator (A62 series)

Strobe (A63 series)

R65 LED (A66 series)

Non-R65 LED (A67 series)


Fits the following lightbars:

Rotator A6202, A6212, A6242, A6262, A6282

Strobe A6302, A6312, A6342, A6362, A6382

R65 LED: A6602, A6612, A6642, A6662, A6682

Non R65 LED: A6702, A6712, A6742, A6762, A6782

Part number: 10519

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