Britax Aerolite 4 rotator lightbars

An extensive range of permanent fix lightbars available in lengths 770mm to 1500mm

Available with or without illuminted sign plate

This selection of 4 module bars are NOT ECE R65 approved

The online shop will be closed for Easter holidays

Britax 4 module Aerolite series lightbars featuring:

  • 4x 55watt (12V) or 70watt (24V) rotator modules
  • EMC approved
  • 160 flashes per minute per module
  • Amber polycarbonate lenses (blue available as special order)
  • 1000mm -1500mm lightbars available with or without illuminated sign plate
  • IP56

Current draw: 18.4A @ 12V; 9.2A @ 24V (non illuminted centre)

Voltage: 12V or 24V (specify)


  • Rotators - H1 12V 55watt (H448), H1 24V 70watt (H466);
  • Illumated Centre - L382 12V 21watt, L241 24V 21watt

Dimensions: Length (see below), 143mm high, 200mm deep

Part number Length Illuminated  Centre Voltage Price £        (exc VAT)
A6224.000.12V 770mm N/A 12V 136.70
A6224.000.24V 770mm N/A 24V 144.31
A6234.100.12V 1000mm No 12V 167.09
A6234.100.24V 1000mm No 24V 174.68
A6234.200.12V 1000mm Yes 12V 197.46
A6234.200.24V 1000mm Yes 24V 205.06
A6254.100.12V 1250mm No 12V 182.28
A6254.100.24V 1250mm No 24V 189.87
A6254.200.12V 1250mm Yes 12V 205.06
A6254.200.24V 1250mm Yes 24V 212.65
A6274.100.12V 1500mm No 12V 205.06
A6274.100.24V 1500mm No 24V 212.65
A6274.200.12V 1500mm Yes 12V 227.85
A6274.200.24V 1500mm Yes 24V 235.44
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