Britax Aerolite LED R65 Lightbar 2 Module

An extensive range of R65 LED lightbars available in lengths 520mm to 1500mm, offering a model for all applications

Available with or without illuminted sign plate

All Britax A6 series lightbars are EMC, ECE R65 approved and Chapter 8 compliant

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Britax Aerolite LED series lightbars featuring:

  • 2x High Intensity modules
  • EMC and ECE R65 approved
  • Amber polycarbonate lenses
  • All lightbars (except 520mm) available with or without illuminated sign plate
  • IP56

Britax Aerolite R65 LED lightbars comply to DfT Chapter 8

Current draw: 5.4A @ 12V; 2.7A @ 24V (non illuminted centre)

Voltage: Dual voltage (suitable for 12 and 24V systems)

Dimensions: Length (see below), 143mm high, 200mm deep

Part number Length Module Type Illuminted Centre Voltage
A6602.000.LDV 520mm R65 LED N/A 12/24V
A6612.100.LDV 750mm R65 LED No 12/24V
A6612.200.LDV 750mm R65 LED Yes 12/24V
A6642.100.LDV 1000mm R65 LED No 12/24V
A6642.200.LDV 1000mm R65 LED Yes 12/24V
A6662.100.LDV 1250mm R65 LED No 12/24V
A6662.200.LDV 1250mm R65 LED Yes 12/24V
A6682.100.LDV 1500mm R65 LED No 12/24V
A6682.200.LDV 1500mm R65 LED Yes 12/24V
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