ECCO CW0400 Surface Mount Interior Light

Code 3’s 400 Series dual-colour compartment light delivers a bright output without compromising space with its low-profile design. Available in three lengths with an integrated switch allowing users to quickly alternate between red and white lighting. The red element reduces eyestrain on the user when operating at night.

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Intergrated touch switch


Compact and slim design

Dual colour for increased safety - red light reduces eye strain

3 lengths available: small 137mm; medium 300mm; large 450mm

Small - 744 white lumens/90 red lumens

Medium - 1364 white lumens/165 red lumens

Large - 1984 white lumens/240 red lumens

Part No. Length Lumens (White) Lumens (Red) LED Colour
CW0410-WR 137mm 744lm 90lm White, Red
CW0411-WR 300mm 1364lm 165lm White, Red
CW0412-WR 450mm 1984lm 240lm White, Red


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