ECCO ED9040 Series Directional LED

The ED9040 Hide-A-LED Series provides the functionality of a warning light in a low profile design, allowing the vehicles safe arrival to the scene. R65 Class II & Class I light output. Synchronisation capability, and a choice of 29* flash patterns for single-colour and 69* flash patterns for dual colour allow the creation of an attention-getting, multi-colour warning system with half the number of lights typically required. The ED9040 offers flexibility with multiple flush mounting applications on virtually any surface including bumpers and on sides of vehicles.


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Slim low-profile design with 6 powerful LEDs for a bright warning light

All-in-module: all controls imbedded in the head light, avoiding a LED flash controller

Optimised lens and optical system, maximising light beam inmultiple single or dual colour variations

Discreet flush mount, virtually applicable on any vehicle surface - insertable in a 1” hole, with 10” pigtail cable

Steady burn override for worklight functionality

Syncable with compatible ECCO directionals: ED3700, ED3701/ED3702, ED3706/ED3712, ED3766, and ED3777/ED3779 Series

Temperature Range: -30ºC to + 50ºC (-22ºF to +122ºF)

Part No. Colour VDC AMPs Mount
ED9040X Amber, Green, Blue, Red, White 12-24 1.2 Surface/Flush (1" Hole)
ED9040XX (Split colour) Amber/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/White, Blue/Amber 12-24 0.6 Surface/Flush (1" Hole)
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