RING Rotator Beacon

Amber halogen beacon

5 mounting options

Dual voltage (12/24V) depending on bulb

ECE R65 approved


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The Ring  rotating beacons feature a tough polycarbonate lens and polypropylene housing making them resilient to extensive use.

Requires H1 bulb (included)

Reg 65 approved, and rated IP55 - dust and waterproof.

Rotating mirror produces warning light.

Suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles. 

Code Description Mount Dimensions
RCV9910 RING Rotator Beacon 3 bolt H 197  x  W 140  x  D 140 
RCV9950 RING Rotator Beacon Single bolt fixing H 184  x  W 140  x  D 140 
RCV9920 RING Rotator Beacon Magnetic H 197  x  W 140  x  D 140 
RCV9930 RING Rotator Beacon DIN Pole Fixing H 239  x  W 126  x  D 126 
RCV9940 RING Rotator Beacon Flexible DIN pole fixing H 235  x  W 126  x  D 127 

 Dual Voltage 12/24V.

  • H1 bulb fitment.
  • Polycarbonate lens - Amber.
  • Polypropylene housing ( RCV9940 - Flexible DIN Pole Fixing - TPC-ET Base)
  • Weight 0.5 Kg approximately
  • ECE R65 approved



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