Britax 390 Series Rotating Beacons

The Britax PMG Ltd range of rotating beacons are stylish, robust, reliable products aimed at providing excellent 360° visibility in all weather conditions. 

All Britax rotating beacons are ECE R65 approved and EMC compliant.

Available in 12V or 24V

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  • Available in 1 bolt, 3 bolt, DIN, Magnetic and Flexi-DIN mounting
  • ECE R65 approved
  • EMC approved (ECE R10)
  • Supplied with bulbs
  • Voltage depends on bulb: 12V or 24V
  • 50mph (80kph) or 70mph (112kph) rating on magnetic versions


  • 390.00: 179mm (h) x 153mm (dia)
  • 391.00: 206mm (h) x 149mm (dia)
  • 392.00: 236mm (h) x 149mm (dia)
  • 394.00: 182mm (h) x 155mm (dia)
  • 394.70: 186mm (h) x 185mm (dia)
  • 395.100: 285mm (h) x 149mm (dia)

Flash rate: 160 per minute

Current consumption: 4.6A @ 12V; 2.3A @ 24V

Part number Mounting Voltage
390.00.12V 3 bolt 12V
390.00.24V 3 bolt 24V
391.00.12V 1 bolt 12V
391.00.24V 1 bolt 24V
392.00.12V DIN 12V
392.00.24V DIN 24V
394.00.12V Magnetic (50mph) 12V
394.00.24V Magnetic (50mph) 24V
394.70.12V Magnetic (70mph) 12V
394.70.24V Magnetic (70mph) 24V
395.100.12V.PC Flexi DIN 12V
395.100.24V.PC Flex DIN 24V

395.100 series supplied with Polycarbonate lens

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