LAP LED beacons (LMB Range)

Our new mid-range LED LMB Beacons feature 40 Ultra Bright LEDs that can operate in 3 flash patterns including Simulated Rotating

Available in amber or green

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EMC Approved (ECE R10)

Dual Voltage 12/24V

3 Selectable Flash and Quad Patterns - Rotating, Double Flash and Quad Flash

IP65 rated ingress protection

Nominal flash rate: 120 per minute (rotating) and 75 per minute  (double & quad)

40mph rated on magnetic versions

12 month warranty

Fully encapsulated electronics

Current consumption 1.2A @ 12V / 0.6A @ 24V

Max Current Consumption: 12V/24V         1.2A/0.6A

Flash rate (per min)   Double/Quad Flash: 75   Rotating: 120

Part No. Mounting Weight (KG)
LMB020 Magnetic 0.60
LMB030 DIN 0.50
LMB040 Flexi DIN 0.50
LMB050 3 Bolt 0.40
LMB060 1 Bolt 0.50



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