LAP LED beacons (LMB Range)

Our new mid-range LED LMB Beacons feature 40 Ultra Bright LEDs that can operate in 3 flash patterns including Simulated Rotating

Available in a collection of colours. 

Our complete SBK seat belt kits are supplied with seat belt, buckle and a choice of green DIN, flexi-DIN, 3-point or single point LCB or LMB beacons.


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EMC Approved (ECE R10)

Dual Voltage 12/24V

3 Selectable Flash and Quad Patterns - Rotating, Double Flash and Quad Flash

IP65 rated ingress protection

Nominal flash rate: 120 per minute (rotating) and 75 per minute  (double & quad)

40mph rated on magnetic versions

12 month warranty

Fully encapsulated electronics

Current consumption 1.2A @ 12V / 0.6A @ 24V

Max Current Consumption: 12V/24V         1.2A/0.6A

Flash rate (per min)   Double/Quad Flash: 75   Rotating: 120

Product No. Colour Option Mount SBK
LMB020 Amber, Green, Red, Purple Magnetic Base No
LMB030 Amber, Green, Red, Purple DIN Fixing No
LMB040 Amber, Green, Red, Purple Flexi DIN Fixing No
LMB050 Amber, Green, Red, Purple 3 Point Fixing No
LMB060 Amber, Green, Red, Purple Single Point Fixing No
SBK N/A Description- Seat belt & Buckle Yes
LMB030 Green DIN Fixing Yes
LMB040 Green Flexi DIN Fixing Yes
LMB050 Green 3 Point Fixing Yes
LMB060 Green Single Point Fixing Yes


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