LAP LED R65 Beacons (LRB Range)

LAP have combined the latest LED technology with advanced optics to provide this unique ECE Reg 65 LED beacon.  The powerful LED's are arranged to produce a brilliant 360 degree flash pattern to provide superior light output for maximum visibility.

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Double flash

EMC approved (ECE R10)

Voltage 10-30V

70mph rated on magnetic version

Nominal flash rate 120 per minute 

IP56 rated ingress protection

Very low power consumption

-30C to +50C extreme temperature reliability

Current consumption: 2.0A @ 12V / 1.3A @ 24V

Max Current Consumption  12/24V          2.0/1.3A

Flash rate (per min)                               120

Part Number Mounting Weight
LRB020 Magnetic 1.4kg
LRB030 DIN 0.9kg
LRB040 Flexi DIN 1.1kg
LRB050 3 bolt 0.9kg
LRB060 1 bolt 0.9kg
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